Scope of Exhibition
Contents of exhibition: land, consulting management, planning & design, and overseas investment
Exhibition of land projects
Land operation organizations from various cities inside and outside of China are showcasing residential compounds, office buildings, commercial and entertainment property, hotel investment and operation, development of urban complexes, development of large districts, development of small towns, and other projects.
Exhibition of construction and planning for small towns
Overall planning of small towns, urban design, investment environment in small towns, and favorable policies for attracting merchants
Exhibition of overseas property investment
·Island development, land investment, immigration through purchasing high-end property, and other projects
Exhibition of property service projects
A comprehensive property industry chain, including property service industries from home and abroad, property-related planning, design of planned constructions, financial and property services, offers an effective communication platform and all-round services to various parties.
Executive Organization
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1996-2009 China International Fair for Investment & Trade
China(Xiamen) International Investment Promotion Center
Technical Advice:Xiamen Zongheng Group Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.