The 5th CIFIT

International Investment Forum
¡°China ¡¤WTO ¡¤Opportunity and Challenge¡±

State Councilor, Vice Prime Minister of Jordan;
Long Yongtu, Deputy Minister of MOFTEC
Chairman of US Chamber of Commerce
Sun Guangxiang, Deputy Minister of MOFTEC
Lord Powell ,Chairman of Sino-British Trade Association
Policy Seminars
Names of Seminars
Major Speakers
1. Seminar on the Marketing ituation of China's Petrochemical and Chemical Fiber Industry and Development in the New Century *China National Association for Chemical Fiber Industry
*China National Association for Petrochemical Industry
2. Briefing of China's Steel Industry and Product Market  
3.Seminar on Water Resources Recycling and Investment in Water Infrastructure Construction *Foreign Investment Administration
*City Construction Administration of Ministry of Construction Board Chairman Tang Jie
*President Li Guangde of Huijin China Co., of Jardine Group
4.International Workshop on IT Industry Supporting Cooperation MOFTEC, Ministry of Information Industry, Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Legend, TCL, Huawei, Fenghua Advanced Technology
5. International Workshop on Auto Parts and Components Supporting Cooperation MOFTEC, State Economic and Trade Commission, Automobile Industry Association, Representatives from Toyota, Honda, Michelin Co.-French, Delphi- America
6. Briefing on Policies of Processing Trade and Expedient Measures for Customs Clearance of Exports General Administration of Customs, MOFTEC
7. Seminar on Export Processing Area MOFTEC, General Administration of Customs General Administration of Customs, Export Processing Area
8. International Seminar on Supporting Cooperation in the Petrochemical Industry Representatives from companies such as Sinopec, , Petrochina, Offshore Oil, Bayer, Atophina, etc.
9. Seminar on Opening of in Commercial Logistics, Tourism and Telecommunication of China *Xu HongMing, Vice Director of the State Economic and Trade Commission
*Zhang Chunlin, Vice Director of the Regulation Department of Ministry of Information Industry
*Wang Chaoyao, Vice Director of the Regulation Department of China National Tourism Administration
10. International Seminar on the Investment Environment in China's National Development Zones Leaders from MOFTEC, Vice Director of General Administration of Customs
11. Seminar on Attracting Foreign Capital to Financial Assets Restructuring and Disposal MOFTEC, Ministry of Finance, People's Bank of China, and Xindeco, Huarong Great Wall Co., Orient Co., etc.
12. Seminar on the Current Situation and Outlook of China's Legal Regime Concerning Foreign Capital Absorption
MOFTEC, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, State Administration of Taxation of China, General Administration of Customs, Foreign Exchange Management Bureau
Bilateral Investment Seminars
Names of Seminars
Major Speakers
1.Introductory Seminar on Investment Environment in Hongkong and Macao *Zhou Dexi, Director General of the Industrial & Commercial Bureau of Hongkong
*Wen Song'an, Director of Hongkong Investment Promotion Office
*Peng Ruchuan, Director of Hongkong Chamber of United Exchanges
* Li Bingkang, Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Bureau
* An Dongliang, Director of Macao Tourism Administration
2. Seminar on Sino-South African Mutual Investment Lindiwe Hendricks, deputy minister of Ministry of Trade and Industry of South Africa
3. China-UK Investment Seminar *Chairman of Sino-British Trade Association, Lord Powell
* Director-General of British Investment Bureau William Peddar
4. Seminar on Sino- Chilean Mutual Investment *Francisco Javier Diaz, chief lawyer of Chile Foreign Investment Commission
*Andres Palma, person in charge of liaison department of Chile Foreign Investment Commission
* Sergio Toro, commercial consulate of Chile
5.Presentation of Ireland's Experience in Attracting Foreign Investment Brian Cogan, Director of Asian Region, Ireland Industrial Development Dept.

6. Seminar on Sino-Cuban Mutual Investment
The First Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation of Cuba, Ernesto Senti
7. Seminar on Mutual Investment between China and Arabic Countries *Sun Guangxiang, Deputy Minister of MOFTEC
*Vice Premier of Jordan*leader of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
* Chairman of Investment Executive Committee of Jordan

8. Seminar on Mutual Investment between China and Nigeria
Standing Secretary of Ministry of Commerce of Nigeria

9. Briefing on Investment Policies of Vietnam
Vice Director of Legal Department of Vietnam Planning and Investment Ministry
10.Briefings on Investment and Trade Policy of 13 African Countries  
11. Briefing on the Investment Environment in the Province of Kwazulu Natal of South Africa *MR.CLIEF BELL , KMI CEO
*Mr. Cui , KMI Chief Representative in China
12. Briefing on Investment in Germany and Market Rules in Europe Mr. Mathias Kessler, Senior Executive Manager of Law and Tax Dept. of Deloitte CPA
Other Seminars
Names of Seminars
Major Speakers
1. Seminar on the Cooperation between Small and Medium-Scale Enterprisess (SMEs) in China and European Union  
2. Seminar on High-tech Industry *Lin Binghui, Vice Minister, State Bureau of Intellectual Property Right
*Fan Hanyun, Vice Minister, State Bureau of Industrial & Commercial Administration
*Cheng Yongshun, Vice President of Intellectual Property Law Court,
*Beijing Higher People's Court


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