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Regulations on Booth Setup & Dismantling

1. Booth Setup
(1). Exhibitors are supposed to check in from September 3rd to 6th. Booth setup should be completed within the stipulated time from 8:30 to 17:00 every day, and particularly by 12:00, September 7th. During this period, if exhibitors have to work overtime, they must apply to the service counter at each exhibition hall and submit the overtime fee in advance. If the Organizing Committee informs exhibitors to work overtime in order to complete the booth construction, the overtime fee will be borne by the Organizing Committee.

(2). Exhibitors who order raw space are required to submit to the Exhibition Affairs Team of the Organizing Committee, by August 15th, their booth setup program for approval, including the design sketch, the construction drawing, materials to be used, fire protection, and so on. Booth setup shall not be performed until the program is approved and the Booth Setup Permit is granted. All raw space construction should be completed before 18:00 September 6th.

(3). The height and floor load of exhibition halls are as follows:


Exhibition Hall


Floor Load

Building I

A 、E


3.5 t /㎡

B 、D


3.5 t /㎡



1 t /㎡

Building II F 、H 、K 、L


3.5 t /㎡

G 、G1


0.5 t /㎡

Building III M 、Q


3 t /㎡

R 、T


3 t /㎡

Any overweight articles will be denied entry to the exhibition venue.

(4). To ensure the display effects of all exhibitors, CIFIT has stipulated the height limit of booth decoration as follows

  1.  a) Standard booths at all exhibition halls shall be no higher than 2.5m. Special decoration if necessary should get the permission from CIFIT Organizing Committee and shall be no higher than 3.5m.
  2.  b) The maximum height of all the booth decoration at Exhibition Hall C in Building I is 6m.
  3.  c) Booths near the main passages at Exhibition Hall D and E in Building I, and Hall H、K、L in Building II shall be no higher than 6m, and others shall be no higher than 8m.
  4.  d) Hall F in Building II should be no higher than 4.2m,booths in Hall G should be no higher than 3.6m

(5). All those exhibitors engaged in high altitude operation of over 5m above the ground must go through relevant procedures at the Labor Security Department of XICEC. Only those personnel with a valid certificates for high altitude operations and with special equipment are allowed to perform such operation.   
(6). The Organizing Committee of CIFIT will be responsible for planning and decorating all public area at the CIFIT venue, including advertising boards outside the exhibition venue, and advertising scrolls scattered along the public corridors, at the entrances, or on the exterior walls of all exhibition halls. Any promotion and booth setup conducted by the exhibitors are confined only to their booths, not any other places beyond.

(7). When constructing booths, exhibitors who need to dismantle the exhibition partition plate must notify the Service Counter in each exhibition hall beforehand. Any unauthorized partition plate dismantling is strictly prohibited and is subject to full compensation for any damage to the partition plate and shelves.

(8). The main framework of construction for raw space must be prepared outside the exhibition venue before its installation. No brushing and painting is allowed at the venue. Exhibition partition plate as well as negotiation tables and chairs must be free from nailing, cutting, pasting and mounting. It is forbidden to hang heavy exhibits or advertising related facilities on the exhibition partition plates.

(9). It is forbidden to randomly modify, dismantle or damage the constructions and equipment at the exhibition venue. It is prohibited to damage the comprehensive wiring and computers at the exhibition halls. Computer ports at the booths shall not be used unless approved by XICEC, and shall not be dismantled or moved without authorization. Any damages during the booths setup or dismantling to the facilities in the exhibition venue or hurt to lives , damages to properties of other people should be fully compensated by the party concerned.

(10). For any electric appliances, illumination equipment, power units or total volume of power consumption used at the booths or public exhibition space, exhibitors must notify to the Engineering Management Department of XICEC (please refer to Appendix Ⅳ) and shall not proceed until approved. The ultimate power connection of any electric appliances must be performed by professionals of XICEC. Electric heating devices are strictly prohibited.

(11).Given the fact that CIFIT is an international event, the Organizing Committee suggests that all exhibitors prepare their exhibits and publicity materials in both English and Chinese.

2. Booth Dismantling

(1). Booth dismantling and packaging starts at 16:00 on September 11th. Personnel involved in booth dismantling must be bearers of the Booth Setup/Dismantling Pass or the Exhibitor Pass. Exhibitors are not allowed to dismantle their booths ahead of schedule unless approved by the Exhibition Administration Team of the Organizing Committee of CIFIT for special reasons.

(2). Large-sized or heavy articles should be removed through the goods passages (the back door of CIFIT Venue).

(3). Exhibits vehicles are not permitted to access XICEC until 16:00 on September 11th, and are subject to the command by traffic administrative staff. Drivers should stay at their vehicles. Unauthorized parking resulting in traffic congestion will be severely punished.

(4). Exhibitors must clean up any hanging articles or posters by themselves.

(5). In principle, all the samples on display must be moved out of the exhibition venue. If they need to be stored temporarily at the venue or to be consigned for shipment, please contact the Service Counter in advance to rent a warehouse or go through shipment consignment formalities.

(6). During booth dismantling, delegations and exhibitors are kindly reminded to operate safely and keep their personal belongings properly in case of loss.

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