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Notice about Accommodation Price

          2013-9-3 21:25:00    
<div>In order to provide a better service during the 17th CIFIT, the Xiamen municipal government has made the decision to limit the maximum price of all the hotels in the city. The detailed price limits are as follows:</div>
<div>Star Hotels</div>
<div>Standard Room in Five Stars Hotels: RMB880 yuan per room per day;</div>
<div>Standard Room in Four Stars Hotels: RMB780 yuan per room per day;</div>
<div>Standard Room in Three Stars Hotels: RMB650 yuan per room per day;</div>
<div>Standard Room in Two Stars Hotels: RMB380 yuan per room per day.</div>
<div>Other Hotels:</div>
<div>For Xiamen Xianglu International Hotel, Gulf Hotel, Xiamen International Seaside Hotel, Qianpu International Exhibition and Conference Center, Seaview Hotel, Fuyoudaisi Hotel, City Hotel, Xiamen, Zhongxin Hotel, Xiamen Hilford Hotel, Gulang Wan Hotel, Cuifeng Hot Springs Resort Hotel, Gangwan Hotel, Xinyi Hotel and other high-level hotels, the maximum price for standard room is RMB800 yuan per room per day.</div>
<div>For Guangda Commercial Hotel, Huating Commercial Hotel, Yunding Hotel, Rujia Inn, Jinjiang Inn Xiamen, Yiting Lakeview Hotel, Youth Sunshine Chain Hotel, Meidisi Hotel, Xiamen International Youth Hostel, Bailu Hotel, Gulang Villa, and other hotels of some level, the maximum price for standard room is RMB650 yuan per room per day.</div>
<div>For other hotels, the maximum is RMB360 yuan per room per day.</div>
<div>For suits in three, four and five star hotels as well as other hotels, the price should be no higher than twice of its maximum price.</div>
<div>For suits and standard rooms in three, four and five star hotels as well as other hotels, the service fee has already included in the maximum price. Two star hotels can charge extra for service.</div>
<div>If the room is booked through traveling agencies or other agents, the price should be no higher than its maximum.</div>
<div>The regulation is only valid during Sept. 7-9, 2013.</div>
<div>Five-star Hotels</div>
<div>Mandarin Hotel, Powerlong Hotel, Riyuegu Hot Springs Hotel, Sheraton Hotel,</div>
<div>Four-star Hotels</div>
<div>Lujiang Hotel, Minnan Hotel, Millennium Harbourview Hotel, Marine Garden Hotel, Ramada Hotel Xiamen, Marco Polo Hotel, Huaqiao Hotel, Jingmin Hotel, Jinyan Hotel, Hongdu Hotel, Swan Hotel, Wanhao Hotel, Yunhai Resort, Bailuzhou Hotel, No. 95, Xiamen Plaza Hotel, Lushan Hotel, Jinwei Hotel, Xiamen International Airport Garden Hotel</div>
<div>Three-star Hotels</div>
<div>Yiyuan Hotel, Donghai Hotel, Bigong Hotel, Fulian Hotel, Longdu Hotel Huaxia Hotel Miramar Hotel Jinbao Hotel, Xin&rsquo;an Hotel, Mingfa Hotel Golden Coast HotelJindi Hotel Youdianzhongheng Hotel, Hangkong Hotel, Xinzhonglin Hotel, Jinghua Hotel, Lixuan Hotel,Xinnanfang Hotel, Yunhe Hotel, Xindi Hotel, Gugong Hotel, Super8 Hotel</div>
<div>Two-star Hotels</div>
<div>Bailan Hotel ,Qindao Hotel, Hongya Hotel, Huamin Hotel, Huadu Hotel, Meihai Hotel Music Island Hotel, Hubin Hotel, Lujing Hotel, Jiayuan Hotel, Beifang Hotel, Haitian Hotel, Haiyang Hotel, Tong&rsquo;an Hotel, Xinyingze Hotel, Baile Hotel, Keji Hotel</div>
<div>Main High-grade Hotels</div>
<div>Xiamen Xianglu International Hotel, No.18,Changhao Road,Huli 2638888 2638666</div>
<div>Gulf Hotel, No.98,Huangcuo,Huandao Road 2198888 2197777</div>
<div>Xiamen International Seaside Hotel, Qianpu International Exhibition and Conference Center 5959999 5959666</div>
<div>Seaview Hotel, No.3999,South Huandao Road,Siming District 5023333 5905577</div>
<div>Fuyoudaisi Hotel, No.48,Tongyi Road 2658888 2659999</div>
<div>City Hotel, Xiamen, No.16,Huyuan Road 2053333 2021765</div>
<div>Zhongxin Hotel No.415,Xianyue Road,Xiamen 5108888 5109999</div>
<div>Xiamen Hilford Hotel No.495,South Siming Road,Xiamen 2082222 2577355</div>
<div>Gulang Wan Hotel No.99,East Hubin Road,Haicang 6373333 6373366</div>
<div>Cuifeng Hot Springs Resort Hotel No.9,West District,Lishuiyuntian, Tong&rsquo;an 7159999 7157777</div>
<div>Gangwan Hotel No.160,Xiaoxue Road 2616688 2399067</div>
<div>Xinyi Hotel Xiang&rsquo;an Torch Hi-tech Industrial Zone 7161111 7162222</div>
<div>Other Main Hotels</div>
<div>Guangda Commercial Hotel West Lianqian Road 3939999 3920999</div>
<div>Huating Commercial Hotel No.8,No.2 Middle Honglian Road 3831888 3831838</div>
<div>Yunding Hotel No.206,Maohou,Huangcuo, Xiamen 2569192 2564444</div>
<div>Rujia Inn No.86,South Hubin Road 3113333 3117777</div>
<div>Jinjiang Inn Xiamen No.238,Yuhou Nanli 5390666 5390500</div>
<div>Yiting Lakeview Hotel No.200,Douxi Road 2698000 2698856</div>
<div>Youth Sunshine Chain Hotel Meidisi Hotel,No.799,South Hubin Road 8065777 8065777</div>
<div>Xiamen International Youth Hostel No.41,Nanhua Road,Siming District 2082345 2199876</div>
<div>Bailu Hotel No.6,Huyuan Road 2025201 2025721</div>
<div>Gulang Villa No.14,Gusheng Road,Gulangyu Islet 2063280 2060165</div>
<div>Other Main Hotels</div>
<div>Jinhou Hotel No.444,Zhongshan Road 3996666 3996789</div>
<div>Hejia Hotel No.66,Wenyuan Road 2063333 2053888</div>
<div>Meidu Huandao Hotel No.711 to 715, East Lianqian Road 5928888 5923333</div>
<div>Bayi Hotel No.873,Xiahe Road 5851888 5851858</div>
<div>Haohui Hotel No.80,West Hexiang Road 2220331 2220064</div>
<div>Hangcheng Hotel Sanhang Building,No.189,Huachang Road 2696888 5696999</div>
<div>National Accounting College Southern section of Huandao Road 2578098 2578578</div>
<div>Oriental Palace Hotel No.660,Nanshan Road 5638888 5637770</div>
<div>Dongchen Hotel No.92,Jiahe Road 3228888 3225598</div>
<div>Kaisite Motel No.415-2,Xianyue Road 3288888 3289999</div>
<div>Other Main Hotels</div>
<div>Hongquan Building No.7,Shiquan Road 2077371 8128386</div>
<div>Jinyue Hotel First section, No.11,Middle Hubin Road 2065888 8121889</div>
<div>Feiteli Hotel No.121,Xi&rsquo;an Road 2628888 8125701</div>
<div>Shanshui Hotel No.61-69,Jiageng Road,Jimei 6688887 6689278</div>
<div>Yinlu Inn Inside Yinlu Group Hi-tech Park 7177777 7176188</div>

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