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OECD: improving Sino-US relations conducive to building a new international economic order

Takungpao.com     linshi     2018-9-11 10:15:00    

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 At the 20th CIFIT, the escalating Sino-US trade war became a topic of public concern. Andrea Goldstein, director of global relations at the OECD, said in an interview with our correspondent during the investment talks that the trade war launched by the United States is challenging the global economic situation and order. He called on China and the United States to further peaceful communication and consultation to improve bilateral relations and, on this basis, jointly build a new international economic order.



Andrea Goldstein calls for further peace negotiations between China and the United States to improve bilateral relations.And on this basis, jointly build a new international economic order.


Andrea Goldstein told reporters that since China's accession to the WTO, the world economic and trade situation has been developing steadily, and China's accession to the WTO, the world economy and the Sino-US economy, have produced inestimable value. Andrea Goldstein acknowledged that there was indeed inequality in Sino-US trade cooperation before, and that this inequality was not caused by a single aspect. "Although we agree that the pattern of bilateral trade does not need to be improved or reduced as much as possible, it does not mean that we recognize Trump's launching and upgrading trade wars." Andrea Goldstein said, "Solving trade inequality in the form of a trade war is by no means the most scientific and effective way, and it is impossible to do any good to Sino-US trade and economy."


Andrea Goldstein said that China's development and changes have won global attention. Especially with the increasing leadership of China's world, the problems that existed and brought about in the course of China's development are increasingly being watched by Chinese leaders. Andrea Goldstein greatly appreciates China's efforts in this regard. "Especially Chinese leaders are committed to solving and improving Sino-US relations, which is not only conducive to the communication between China and the United States, but also to the development of Sino-US relations. And that is what public expected."


Andrea Goldstein further stated that China and the United States are very important economic forces in the world. Although the United States has recently escalated trade protectionism, it has encouraged China's political forces to commit themselves to improving Sino-US relations and international economic order in the new world situation.


Jia Kang, chief economist of the New China Institute of Supply Economics and former director of the Institute of Fiscal Sciences of the Ministry of Finance, also said today at the International Economic Forum 2018 that under the situation of Sino-US trade war, China needs to seek more exchanges with other economies in the world, to refine and form more consensus, especially with the current United States. China, under the win-win orientation, should strive to seek a better future for all in accordance with the logic of the human destiny community.


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