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The CIFIT in the eyes of foreign investors: Full of charm and opportunity

Xinhua net     linshi     2018-9-11 11:17:00    

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 As the guest of honour of this year's CIFIT, the Czech Republic's 500- square-meter pavilion attracted people’s attention.


"Czech beer, crystal handicraft is very distinctive, but this time we come to Xiamen is mainly to attract investment, looking for large-scale investment projects to settle in the Czech Republic." In the 20th CIFIT, Czech National Investment Bureau China and Southeast Asia Director of Business Zaplito said.


The China International Fair for Investment and Trade, known as the "investment vane", is held in Xiamen, China, from September 8 to 11 every year. The Czech Republic, as the guest of honour of the CIFIT, has a 500 square meter pavilion which attracts people's attention. Many businessmen are either standing or sitting in the pavilion, drinking beer and talking about business. Zaplito said that he was the first time to come to Xiamen, met a lot of friends at the exhibition, feel that the CIFIT is very international, very attractive, but also a lot of business opportunities.


"Over the past five years, Czech's exports to China have increased by 70%." Zaplito said the Czech Republic is a traditional industrial country, encouraging foreign investment in areas such as high-tech manufacturing, services and technology (design) centers, such as Shanghai Automobile and Sichuan Changhong have set up production bases in the Czech Republic, hope that more and more Chinese enterprises to invest in the Czech Republic.


As one of the most influential international investment conferences in the world, CIFIT attracts the attention of both domestic and foreign capital and merchants. According to the statistics provided by the Organizing Committee, more than 300,000 foreign businessmen from more than 200 countries and regions participated in the CIFIT; more than 31,000 projects were signed; more than 340 billion US dollars entered the Chinese market from CIFIT, and a large number of Chinese enterprises moved from CIFIT to the world.


Rahabon Shennanong, an exhibitor from Thailand, said the reason why the chose to come to Xiamen to participate in the investment fair is that he was interested in its international influence and was able to attract strong customers to negotiate cooperation. "The exhibition will help to open up the market of products and do a good job of supporting services for businessmen. It is the third time that we have participated in the exhibition.


Every year, besides "old friends", there are many new faces. Paul, the owner of Chile's "Casa Bo Song Lai" winery, who first came to Xiamen for the exhibition, said that although he had attended the polling meeting for the first time, he had already achieved something on the opening day.


“There were two Chinese merchants who tasted my wine and felt that the taste was good and the price was good. There was initial cooperation intention.” Paul said that through this exhibition, you can understand the pros and cons of your products, whether the pricing is right, and strive to open up sales in China.


Deloitte China Tax Partner Hanacek also sought business opportunities at the CIFIT. "Businesses from all over the world come to this event. It's a world-oriented investment platform. I have no reason not to come here." Hanacek said his purpose in Xiamen was to find Chinese companies interested in investing overseas and to provide them with advisory services to help them go out better.


When talking with foreign businessmen, the reporters found that these business leaders and executives of transnational corporations have generally reached a consensus that "China's opening door is wider and wider, is the most attractive destination for multinational corporations to invest."



The Thailand Pavilion of Maritime Silk Road National Pavilion is surging.



At this year's fair, the Thailand Pavilion hosted the "Thailand Cultural Festival".






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