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CIFIT is staged at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center in China, which consists of 13 exhibition areas in the Investment Hall, the Trade Hall and the Tourism Hall with.

(I) Investment Hall, located at Hall 1 at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, includes:

The Central Pavilion: located in Hall C, it showcases the brilliant achievements of China over 30 years of reforms and opening-up, as well as the priorities and results of the "Attracting FDI" and "Going Global" development strategies, and presents China's policies on attracting foreign capital and encouraging outward investment.
The Domestic Pavilion: located in Halls A and B, showcases mainland China's investment policies, investment climate and investment-related products.
The Overseas Pavilion: located in Halls C and D, consists of exhibition spaces for Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Oceania, Portuguese-speaking countries, and international friendship cities.
The Multinational Companies Pavilion: located in Hall C, showcases the images, products and China projects of multinational companies and Fortune 500 companies.
The Development Zones Pavilion: located in Hall E, showcases national-class economic and technological development zones, high-tech industry development zones, bonded zones, export processing zones, Taiwanese investment zones, agricultural demonstration zones, provincial-level development zones, and industrial parks.
The Modern Service Zones Pavilion: located in Hall E, showcases finance, insurance, securities, telecommunication and computer information services, chain operations, freight and logistics, property rights, consultancy, and brokerage institutions, enterprises' investment policies, and investment-related products.
Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Zones Pavilion: showcases the development planning and local investment policies and environments of foreign trade and economic cooperation zones, as well as the corporate images and investment intents of Chinese enterprise "going global".
The Property Rights Transaction Pavilion: located in Halls 3 in Exhibition Hall 2; also the venue of the concurrent "2008 China Property Rights Project Investment Fair"; showcases corporate and individual investments projects in the categories of property rights, industries, investments and services, and investment-related products.

(II) Investment Hall, located in Exhibition Hall 2 of Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, including:

The Equipment Manufacturing Industry Pavilion: located in Hall 2 in Exhibition Hall 2, showcases large-sized clean and high-efficiency power generation equipment, ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment, new-type high-tech garment or textile manufacturing equipment, and safety machinery and equipment for large-scaled mines.
The Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Products Pavilion: located in Hall 3 in Exhibition Hall 2, showcases energy efficient products and technologies, new materials, new energy and renewable energy, environmentally friendly household products, water conservation and water treatment, air purification equipment, energy efficiency and emission reduction equipment, and new rural energy developments.
The African Commodities Pavilion: located in Hall 4 in Exhibition Hall 2; also the site of the concurrent Second African Commodities Show; showcases local specialty commodities from Africa.
Overseas Chambers of Commerce & Taiwan Commodities Quarter: located in Hall 5 in Exhibition Hall 2, intended for Overseas Chambers of Commerce, Overseas Chambers of enterprises, enterprises from Taiwan and Taiwanese-invested enterprises, showcases the images and products of Overseas Chambers of Commerce, Overseas Chambers of enterprises and Taiwanese-invested enterprises.

(III) Tourism Hall (the venue of the 4th Straits Travel Fair ), located in Hall 1 in Exhibition Hall 2 of Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, showcases domestic and overseas tourism resources, tourism investment projects and tourism products and promoting tourism exchanges and cooperation across the Taiwan Strait.
Contact for Domestic Exhibitors: Mr. Chen
Tel: +86-592-2669819 2669818
Fax: +86-592-2669823
Contact for Overseas Exhibitors: Ms. Zhao, Ms. Wang
Tel: +86-592-2669820 2669821
Fax: +86-592-2669823
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