The 6th CIFIT

International Investment Forum
¡°FDI: To Create International Competitiveness¡±

Minister Shi Guangsheng of MOFTEC, P.R.C
Mr.Yousif S.Takana, Minister of Int'l Cooperation of Sudan
Prof.John H.Dunning
Mr.Seiichi Kondo,Deputy Secretary General of OECD
Lord Charles Powell,Chairman of China Britain Business Council
Mr.Christopher B.Galvin, Chairman/CEOof Motorola
Mr.Percy Weatherall, Managing Director of Jardine Matheson Ltd.
¡°Step out¡± Seminars
Names of Seminars
Major Speakers
1.Briefing on Investment Environment of Arabian Countries Government official and entrepreneurs from Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

2. Briefing on Indian Foreign Investment Policies
Indian Ambassadors & Commercial Counselor in the P.R.C.
3. Briefing on the Brazilian Market  
4. Investment Forum on Member Countries of Shanghai Cooperative Organization *Delegates from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
*Leaders of MOFTEC, P.R.C
5. Expository Seminar of the Investment Environment of Suez District, Egypt *Wang Shuzu, Deputy Mayor, Tianjin Municipal Government*Delegates of the Foreign Aid Department, MOFTEC, P.R.C
*Director of the General Administration of Investment, Egypt
*Representative of Joint-venture Companies Representatives of Suez Company
6. Expository Seminar of the Investment Environment of Britain *Ambassador of U.K in P.R.C.
*Ma Xiuhong, Deputy Minister of MOFTEC, P.R.C
*Chris Fraser, Investment Advisor of Invest U.K.(INUK).
*Paul Grey, INUK Regional Director
*Liu Yamin, Solicitor, Taylor & Johnston
7.China-Africa Ministerial Symposium for Economic and Administrative Officials *International Business Management Institute, MOFTEC
*Operational Department, the Organizing Committee of CIFIT
8.Symposium on the Investment Environment of the Pacific Island States
*Leaders of Relevant Departments of MOFTEC, P.R.C
*Leaders of China Chamber of Foreign Contracted Projects
*Delegates of Pacific Island Countries Forum
¡°Adapt from Abroad¡± Seminars
Names of Seminars
Major Speakers
1. Seminar on Modern International Logistics *Wang Shuzu, Deputy Mayor, Tianjin Municipal Government
*Representative of MOFTEC, P.R.C
*Representative of Jardine Matheson Ltd, Hong Kong
*Representative of Walmart
*Representative of Maersk Logistics (China) Ltd.
*Zhou Lianyou, Director, Tianjin Communications Commission
*Wang Shusheng, President, Da Tian Airline Agent, Tianjin
*Jiang Penghuan, Otis Elevator Company, Tianjin
*Ding Junfa, Vice President, China Logistics & Purchasing
2. Seminar on International Purchasing of World Famous Commercial Chain Groups Related Persons in Charge of Wal-mart
3. Seminar on the Strategy of the Development Zones *UN Officials*Person in Charge of the Bureau of Industrial Administration;
*Leader of the Administrative Bureau of Yulang Township, Singapore
*Official from the WTO Administration, MOFTEC, P.R.C
*Li Yong, Director, Administrative Committee of Tianjin Economic & Technological Development Zone
4.Transnational Mergers & Acquisitions ¨C China's Laws & Practice *Leaders of Laws & Regulations Department, MOFTEC, P.R.C
*Leaders of Foreign Capital Department, MOFTEC, P.R.C
*Officials from the State Bureau of Industrial & Commercial Administration
*Cai Rongwei, Lawyer of Davis Law Firm, U.S.A
*Representatives from Multinational Companies
*Other Foreign Experts
5. Seminar on Taiwan Investment Policies *Leaders of the Administration of Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macao Affairs of MOFTEC
*Leaders of the Foreign Investment Administration, MOFTEC, P.R.C
*Officials from the State Economic & Trade Commission;
*Officials from the State General Tax Bureau,
*Officials from the General Customs Office,
*State Commodity Inspection & Testing Bureau
*State Foreign Currency Administration
6.Seminar on Hong Kong Business People's Investment Experiences in China *MOFTEC and Other Related Ministries & Commissions
*Representative of Hong Kong Industrial, Commercial & Technological Council
*Representative of Trade Development, Hong Kong
7. Seminar on Sino-Singapore Investment Cooperation *Director of International Enterprises Development Bureau of Singapore
*Relevant leaders from Singaporean Embassy in China
8. Seminar on How to Attract Foreign Investment into the Service Sector
Related Personages from Price Water House Coopers Ltd
Other Seminars
Names of Seminars
Major Speakers
1. Confenrence by the Executive Directors of China Association of Enterprise Foreign with Investmen  
2. Seminar on WTO and Intellectual Property Right Protection *Lin Binghui, Vice Minister, State Bureau of Intellectual Property Right
*Fan Hanyun, Vice Minister, State Bureau of Industrial & Commercial Administration*Cheng Yongshun, Vice President of Intellectual Property Law Court,
*Beijing Higher People's Court
3. 2002 Xiamen Seminar on the Exchange of Science & Technology, Economy and Trade  
4.Round-table Conference on the Cooperation of International Goodwill Chambers of Commerce  
5.Regional Workshop on Event Management for the Tourism Sector, WAIPA *Representative from China's MOFTEC
*Mr. Arvind Mayaram, Vice Chairman
*Mr.Stephan Dreyhaupt, Senior Investment Marketing Specialist,MIGA, The World Bank Group
*Ms. Veenu Gupta, Training Expert of WAIPA
*Ms. Celia Ortega, WAIPA Secretariat Coordinator
6. Seminar on The Introduction of Taiwanese Investment into Economic Development Zones in Chinese Mainland  
7. Seminar on Foreign Investment in Urban Waterpipe Network and Water Infrastructure Construction *Relevant Leader of the Construction Department
*Water Expert from Thames River, U.K.
*High profile Executive from The China Water Company Limited
*Solicitor from U.K. Law Firm
8. The Netherlands, Your Knowledge Partner  
9.Canada¡ªA Great Investment Partner By Design, Not By Accident
Mr. Jim Feir, Consul General, and members of the Canadian Consulate General


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